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In Search of Athlone
"Our humble founder and president, Christopher Roberson has spent several years collecting photography, anecdotes, artifacts, memorabilia and testimonials from former Athlone staff, alumni and their families to complete his book, "In Search of Athlone." This remarkable work captures the spirit and richly collegial atmosphere that was uniquely Athlone. Christopher's spectacular treatise entitled "In Search of Athlone." Is not for sale separately. Rather, it is complimentary with each new membership to the Athlone Old Boys' Society, which requires an initial dues payment of only $100. Shipping within North America is an additional $13 per copy. Cheques or Money orders are to be made out to the "Athlone Old Boys Society." Memberships and consequent copies of the book are available from the author, Christopher Robertson or Peter Lefeaux, the treasurer as detailed below. Membership application forms can also be downloaded here".
Now formally scheduled for release, October 30, 2009

Athlone BookIN SEARCH OF ATHLONE, Volume 2 will be much like the first Athlone book but with all new material. Like Volume 1, the second Athlone book will feature 3 complete Athlonian year books, countless as yet to be seen photos, the one and only Athlone Brochure, a letter from the office of Col. Parker, Chapters by Headmaster Creek and the late Mr. Alex Strain of Athlone PE fame and recipes from the Athlone Cook Book and much, much more. These two volumes will be in turn followed by a Compendium Third Volume Index, that will feature any odds and ends that the other two books have missed along with a complete listing for the two previous books.

Want to know more about your old school?
In joining the Athlone Old Boys' Society these time machine publications will be yours.

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