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The Athlone School Movie Short

During the fall of 2011, I was contacted by Richard Martin. Richard, the son of the famous comedian, Dick Martin of 'Laugh In' fame, had gone on from Athlone School, where he actually shot his first feature film, to become a prominent BC film editor and producer. It was with a cinematic interest that we ended up discussing the idea of doing a visual documentary movie on the school that could be presented for the benefit of Athlone old boys.

The first step in the process regarding this Athlone film interest was for Richard, using the Athlone material he had, and with my extensive visual Athlone archives, to produce an Athlone movie short.

This is what we are presenting to you now.

What will follow in the time to come is a more in-depth look at Athlone School, with the addition of Athlone staff audio. In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy this short trip back and a glimpse of Athlone in the past.

To enjoy, please press
The Athlone Movie Short
Produced by Richard Martin.


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